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Hi, I’m Damien.  Welcome to Learn Hotel Management.  I started this site to create a discussion and teach people about all of the things in the hotel industry that only come from experience.  I’m someone who began my career on the bottom rung checking guests in and unblocking toilets before climbing the ladder into management.  I was lucky enough to Learn Hotel Management by doing it.


Why Did I Start Learn Hotel Management?

Part of my motivation to create the blog Learn Hotel Management comes from seeing new employees enter the industry with the goal of having a long term career and being confronted with scenarios that shock and catch them off guard.  But there’s also the frustration that comes from seeing those who’ve been in management positions for so long that they’ve become detached from what it’s like to work housekeeping or stand behind the front desk.  Or even worse, they’ve come from another industry and landed those upper management roles with no experience on a hotel floor!

I’m here to give you all a leg up in the industry.  By reading this blog and interacting you can be a little bit more prepared for the challenges you’ll face in the hotel industry.  And for those already in management roles, hopefully you don’t forget where you came from and remember the people getting their hands dirty as the face of your hotel.  That way you can work towards the career you want and enjoy the fun times because I’ve definitely had a lot of fun over the years.

So I’ll teach you what I know and give you my thoughts and opinions but I also want to hear yours. Let me know what you think about a post.  Leave a comment and share posts you like.  Ask questions and let me know if there’s something you want me to write about on your journey to Learn Hotel Management.

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