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Learn Hotel Management ResumeHaving a good resume for hotel management jobs is a key factor in obtaining the career that you desire.  Resumes get interviews and interviews get jobs.  It is important to include relevant experience and qualifications in your resume as it is the first point of contact between you and your potential employer.


Do Your Research

First of all before you apply for any job you should do research on the company and try to gain a thorough understanding of the job description.  This is because you want to tailor your application to the specific job by emphasising your relevant experience and qualifications and spending less time writing about things that will not impress your potential employer.


What to Include in Your Hotel Management Resume?

  1. Relevant Qualifications

Not all hotel management positions will require a degree or certificate but having one of these will definitely make you stand out from other applicants who are lacking formal qualifications.  More than 80% of hospitality graduates enter employment within six months of graduation.  Many of you may be pursuing formal education in a course such as hotel or hospitality management but there are other degrees that can also be highly desirable.  If you’ve done your research you will know that some financial knowledge is a requirement of the job you’re applying for.  The role will involve revenue management to increase profits and being able to maintain a budget for the hotel.  Therefore degrees in business, accounting, economics, sales and marketing are highly desired and will be looked upon favourably by a potential employer who sees them on your hotel management resume.

  1. Hospitality Experience

Obviously having experience in the hotel industry listed on your hotel management resume is most ideal.  However, throughout my years in the industry I have seen people become successful in management roles without any previous hotel experience.  All jobs in the hospitality industry are fast paced and customer service focused and potential employees want to be confident that you can handle such a working environment.

  1. Supervisory Experience

Ideally you will have some form of supervisory experience on your resume from any industry.  If you’ve previously worked a job where it was your responsibility to oversee other staff or you’ve trained people in any capacity then you have supervisory experience and this will be looked upon most favourably if it appears on your hotel management resume.  It tells potential employees that you’re organized and a good communicator of both verbal and written information who is not afraid of extra responsibility.


Your resume is your introduction to your potential employer.  It’s goal is to get their attention, entice them to read further and not discard it to the pile with other applicants who will not be contacted for an interview.

In a future post I will be discussing cover letters and how to write them specifically for a job in hotel management.

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