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Learn Hotel Management Cover LetterIn this post I will discuss some of the skills and attributes that potential employers will be looking for on your application in the form of a hotel management cover letter.  Previously, I listed the relevant experience and qualifications that employers will be looking for on your resume.  Now it’s time to go the extra mile in your application by writing a good hotel management cover letter.


Why Write a Hotel Management Cover Letter?

Everyone applies for a job with a resume but not everyone writes a cover letter.  There is a belief held by many that cover letters are more important than a resume.  By writing a cover letter you will be showing your potential employer that you have an understanding of what they’re looking for.  You will be saving them time by providing information about yourself that they usually won’t learn until the interview stage.  It shows your eagerness for the job and by writing a good hotel management cover letter you are demonstrating initiative, a positive work ethic and a thirst for success.


Objectives on Your Hotel Management Cover Letter

It is important to let potential employees know what your career goals are and what you are looking to get out of the job you’re applying for.  Therefore, make sure to mention the following.

  • You are career minded. Employers want someone they can rely on long term with a desire to build a career with the one corporation.
  • You are flexible and open to challenges. In hotel management you will be required to work in many areas of the hotel due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. a day in housekeeping, a few hours on the front desk, a night as concierge.  Let people know that you won’t complain and enjoy the challenge.
  • You are always looking to learn new aspects of the hotel industry.

With the right research and planning you should be to tailoring your hotel management cover letter for each specific job you apply for.  Don’t send the exact cover letter, make sure to tweak it.  Try to find out the name of the person who will read your application and address the cover letter with their name and position instead of the generic  “Dear Sir or Madame” or “To Whom It May Concern”.  Customer service is all about adding a personal touch and if you can do that in early in the application process then it will increase your chances of getting an interview and then your desired career.


What to Include in Your Hotel Management Cover Letter?

You’ve listed your relevant experience and qualifications on your hotel management resume so now it’s time to let your potential employer know how it’s all relevant to the job you’re applying for.  Below is a list of attributes that you should include in your hotel management cover letter by explaining how they applied to your prior job experience and education.  For the example, let’s pretend the applicant has worked at the imaginary companies Banana Technical Support and Happy Burger Restaurant so you can see how I’ve applied their experience to a job in hotel management.

  • Communication skills. Both written and verbal.

I have excellent communication skills from my time as a customer service operator at Banana Technical Support.

  • Problem solving skills.

At Banana Technical Support I would take calls from customers experiencing problems with their Banana software and it was up to me to assess the problem from the information they provided and work towards a timely solution.

  • The ability to resolve conflicts and remain calm under pressure.

The Happy Burger Restaurant is a fast paced work environment where as a supervisor it was my responsibility to resolve customer complaints in a way that left them satisfied and likely to return.

  • Train and motivate staff.

At Banana Technical Support I was promoted to team leader after 3 months where I was given the responsibility to train new staff and motivate them to exceed key performance indicators.

  • Financial skills. Revenue, budgeting, cash handling.

As supervisor at The Happy Burger Restaurant I would ensure the balance of all daily financial operations such as credit card, cash and electronic transfers.

  • Achievements

Increased up-sells of medium fries to large fries by 15% in my first 6 months as a supervisor at The Happy Burger Restaurant and was awarded the “Happy Burger Supervisor of the Year” in recognition of this feat.



With the right research and planning you should tailor your hotel management cover letter for each specific job you apply for.  Have an understanding of the job requirements and include information that connects them to your experience and qualifications.  Try to stand out from the competition while still being relevant to the career you’re striving for.

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  • What other skills and attributes should you include in a hotel management cover letter?

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