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Welcome to Learn Hotel ManagementWelcome to Learn Hotel Management.  A blog to teach you about hotel management from real world experience.  Knowledge comes from someone who started on the bottom rung of front desk and housekeeping and worked their way up to management positions.


What Separates Learn Hotel Management from Other Blogs?

Before starting Learn Hotel Management I googled “Hotel Management Blogs” and discovered that every blog that appeared on the first few pages of results was written by a company promoting their own product first and the blog secondary.  These are companies that sold property management systems, e-marketing and want you to enrol in their hospitality college.  The content of their blogs is bland and doesn’t teach you anything that you don’t already know with posts on customer service where they tell you to respond to a guest complaint quickly when they have no hot water – Duh!  There’s posts telling you that positive social media comments are helpful to your hotel and negative comments are harmful – Duh again!  I even saw an entire post saying you need to put your rates up for busy seasons! Come on guys, we all know these things.

On Learn Hotel Management the blog will always be the priority and I’ll talk about things that can usually only be learned by being on the floor of an actual hotel.  We won’t just discuss the topics that all hotel management courses teach you but we’ll cover the extra information and scenarios that you’ll encounter in your hospitality career.

Learn Hotel Management is a site you need if you wish to pursue a career in hotel management as it will provide knowledge that will put you ahead of your peers who are obtaining the same formal qualifications as you.  We will help you gain an edge over your fellow employees who have their eyes on the promotion you desire.


What Can Learn Hotel Management Teach You that Formal Education Doesn’t?

Most hotel management courses will teach you how to manage a hotel from your office.  They’ll cover the following topics:

Front Office:

  • Reservations
  • Check In & Check Out
  • Billing
  • Answering the phone
  • How to use one of the market’s popular Property Management System (PMS).

Back Office:

  • Revenue management
  • Market behaviour
  • Forecasting demand
  • Maximizing revenue

Essentially you’ll be learning how to manage a hotel sitting behind a desk.  You’re learning how to push buttons and crunch numbers.  Are these courses worth the time and money?  Absolutely.  Formal qualifications can be extremely beneficial in any industry, particularly hospitality.  But the skills they teach you are just a tiny part of what makes a successful hotel manager. Learn Hotel Management aims to supplement that information with more essential skills.  The good stuff!

Stuff like:

  • How online travel agents work and the agreements between these sites and hotels.
  • How to respond to negative (and positive) reviews online.
  • How the mood of your staff changes at specific times of the day.
  • How to deal with every guest complaint imaginable.

Would you know what to do in these situations?

  • If a guest finds bed bugs in your hotel.
  • Lots of guests are arriving to check in and their rooms are not ready.
  • How to recognize when a sex worker checks in? WHAT!?!
  • What to tell a guest if they ask where to buy illicit drugs?
  • Guests arrive to check in and their reservation is not in the system.

Yes, these are actual situations that are more common than most people realize.  They are situations that you will find yourself in and Learn Hotel Management will help you to be ready.

Welcome to Learn Hotel Management JettySo I’ll teach you what I know and give you my thoughts and opinions but I also want to hear yours.  Let me know what you think about a post.  Leave a comment and share posts you like.  Ask questions and let me know if there’s something you want me to write about.

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